How To Install Polyurethane Millwork Products?

 These polyurethane millwork products are comprised of high-density polyurethane foam that repels moisture and insects. It's also rot, warping, cracking polyurethane moldings, peeling, crumbling, and degradation resistant. To ensure that every reaches its full potential and represents the design and personality of your home, follow these 10 installation best practices:

1. These polyurethane millwork products should never be stored in direct sunlight and should be maintained flat at all times. If it has been in a hot environment, give it a little time to adjust to the installation area, which could take up to 10 hours.

2. These polyurethane systems must be handled with care to avoid damage. If a ding or a gash happens on the job, use wood filler or automotive filler to repair it. To repair broken molding, use a polyurethane-compatible adhesive or a similar product.

3. Although DI's polyurethane millwork products can withstand temperatures of up to 140°F, they should not be used in areas where solar heat accumulates, such as storm doors.

4. Except for direct sunlight on the unpainted bottom of the millwork, polyurethane will endure all the elements.

5. It should be cut, drilled, or routed similarly to wood products.

6. It is important to properly fasten to reduce the effects of expansion and contraction. It is recommended to use PL Premium on the backside of the product to adhere to the bonding surface. Once in place, then proceed to screw these products to the prepared surface. Wood filler or automotive filler repair is used to fix gaps.

7. A decent quality latex paint should be used to paint these polyurethane millwork products. They're also good for sponging, feathering, and antiquing, among other faux finishing techniques.

8. Good quality, non-penetrating stain, either water-based or gel stain, can be used to color timber-look products such beams.

9. Grout is not required for these polyurethane millwork products, but it can be applied mainly for aesthetic purposes. It's best to use a urethane based grout.

10. Allow 3/8" per 18' for expansion and contraction while installing polyurethane millwork.


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